Corporate Delivery

Provide your employees with an amazing opportunity to enjoy some of DC's finest cold brew available. Harpeth Swill is brewed in DC from fair trade, organic, and single origin beans. All of our flavored swill is made from real natural ingredients with no added artificial flavors or sugars. To sweeten the deal, we refuse to use plastic products in our processing or packaging.

  • Minimal 6 month commitment with a 30-day cancelation notice

  • 1 year commitment comes with a branded refrigerator

  • Two Sizes

    • Ziva (12oz) for $3.00

    • Sasha (16oz) for $4.00

  • Minimum order of 30 per week

  • Maximum order of 150 per week. 

  • We can do all Original Swill or provide a variety of delicious Seasonal flavors

  • Swill lasts up to 14 days in the fridge and must stay refrigerated

  • Overnight oats, 9oz, $5.00, seasonal flavors, wooden spoons provided

  • Sunday night or Monday Morning Delivery

  • Weekly invoices paid at the end of the month

  • Branded recycling bin provided for jar return

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